What our Customers Say:

We pride ourselves on quality work and excellent customer service. MediaWorks has generated ongoing results for our clients.   

MediaWorks has executed proven methods of search engine marketing; search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and innovative web development MediaWorks continuously demonstrates proven techniques and strategies  that are not based on abstract theory, but years of hard work and education.

Understanding Your Website Analytics

Website Analytics is key in knowing whether your website is doing what you need it to do. A website is an extension of your company and measuring it's performance is important in ensuring your sales, marketing and branding efforts are leading you towards your goals.

Web analytics (or tracking) can help you beyond knowing how many visitors you are getting to your site. We typically see companies track number of visitors, time on site, bounce rate and returning visitors. Analytics is so much more than that and can provide feedback that will aide in your site optimization, content strategy, sales follow up and understanding your user's journey to submitting forms of phone calls.

90% of the tracking solutions MediaWorks inherits are not setup properly. Why is this important? Those companies were not tracking:

Goals – how many forms were submitted on the site (email signup, request a quote, consultation or appointment buttons)

PDF Downloads – which PDFs are being downloaded the most and could your site benefit from having the PDF content in html format and optimized to rank?

Site Search – having a site search on your site isn't only beneficial for your users to find items quicker. It can serve as your own focus group by providing you content strategy and landing page ideas.

Analytics Solutions

Google Analytics

A tracking platform to evaluate overall site performance and user behavior. We have an entire team dedicated to installing and troubleshooting Google Analytics.

 Form Analytics

We take the time to capture the context of the leads being generated on our customers’ sites and evaluate quality of conversions.

Call Analytics

Phone calls can often make up the majority of a site’s conversions. We use call tracking to record and evaluate offline conversions from your website.

How To Get Started

A majority of new clients who are using current analytics when they begin with us do not have it set up correctly. Since everyone's website is different, before we even begin our tracking set up, we do a complete audit of the site to ensure that we understand the existing functionality.

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